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It's Time To Shut Up About Destiny

Before we get too into it, I would like to first make the opening statement: I HAVE BEEN PLAYING A FUCK TON OF DESTINY! It's true. I admit it. I like the uphill grind, I can tolerate the still super broken RNG loot system, I like reading the grimoire cards on my phone while I'm trying to fall asleep, when someone says, "raid" I immediately ask, "Kings Fall or VoG?" and yes, I've even bought an emote or two. Hell, after The Taken King came out and I had some higher end gear, I even went back and had fun splattering Skolas across the insides of his cell. I've been an avid player of the game since the BETA and in my original Hour One for the final release of the game, I talked about how I played too much of the BETA, so much so that I literally spoiled the first few hours of the game for myself. If needed, I could probably even draw path maps for the Cosmodrome, Moon, Venus, and Mars (my brain can't grasp the Dreadnaught for some reason) patrol areas at a moment's notice. I could go on and on about Randal, loot caves, Ballahorn, Thornadoes, and mine dismantling, but I think I've more than adequately established myself as a relatively hardcore Destiny player.

Destiny has a special place in my gaming history. During the summer of 2015 I found myself with a lot more time on my hands than I wanted, and I dove deep into the game. It filled a void in my life, that to be brutally honest, could've been better used doing a few other things, like working more on this website. My hunt for a Fatebringer was almost an obsession, and I was power raiding with the best of 'em. To date, I don't think there is a video game out there that I've sunk as much time into as Destiny. I'm not going to attempt to defend Destiny's many shortcomings, mostly because as someone who has played over 800 hours of the game, I think I've lost my right to talk about most of these things. I obviously don't care about a lack of story, the bad loot system, or the very large amount of repetition that define the game to most people. Which brings me to my overall point, no one else who's still playing, and I mean REALLY playing Destiny at this point does either.

Gaming media has a fascination with Destiny. On one hand you have situations like Polygon, where despite giving the game a somewhat unfavorable review, still has a weekly segment on what Xur is selling. One the other, you have YouTube channels dedicated to just Destiny that are scraping the bottom of the Destiny content barrel with questions like, "Can you kill Skolas with Peregrine Greaves?" Is there truly something wrong with any of this? Not really, but at this point it has literally all been done or it's unimportant. We know what gear is good from Xur (and the phone app now tells us what's for sale, it wasn't always this way), there are already a billion "how to do X" videos for any conceivable activity in the game, and the moment anything new happens in the game, it's immediately torn apart, dissected, and documented before any player with a job has a chance to even realize it's there.

It'd be one thing if this type of activity were contained to r/DestinyTheGame or the Bungie Forums, but it shows up EVERYWHERE. I get it, Destiny gets traffic and engagement, whether it deserves to or not, but if you're a media source that's chosen to slam Destiny in the past for not having enough content, it's a tad hypocritical to keep reporting on the game. Beyond that, there isn't enough in Destiny to support this much coverage, and there never was. Was the Festival Of The Lost fun and unexpected? Yes, but it was also literally just a few easy to-do quests and in-game tricker or treating. Does the quest to obtain No Time To Explain really require a walk through? No, the game spells out how to get the gun pretty clearly. Do we still need hundreds of different posts across multiple sites, channels, and medias about what Xur is selling? No, Bungie now tells us so long as you have the smart phone app, and if you're even casually playing Destiny, you have that damn app. Basically, if you're still playing Destiny, you're probably already part of the impressively involved (albeit, the sometimes highly toxic) community that major news outlets scour for stories so they can then regurgitate (or, in worse cases, post articles that are essentially fancy links to the sources) into the public eye.

I'm not saying we should impose a media black-out on Destiny. As someone who's made plenty of Destiny-based content in the past, that'd be beyond hypocritical. All I'm saying is that maybe it's time we gave Destiny a rest. There's new DLC coming eventually, maybe a new season event around the winter holidays, and events like Iron Banner will begin a new soon enough, and when those things happen, let the media storm come. Until then, maybe we should just shut the fuck up about Destiny and be content to just play.