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10/16/2016 - News This Way Comes...

Welcome to your weekly rundown of the week's gaming news!!

October 11 - Blizzard announced a new Halloween themed event for Overwatch. The event, titled Halloween Terror, is currently underway, so go check it out. 

October 13 - PS VR was unleashed upon the world and while most reviews of the headset were positive, almost immediately complaints of graphical jitter causing motion sickness began.

October 14 - Square-Enix announced a bunch of news about Final Fantasy XIV. A new expansion, titled Stormblood, is in the works for the popular MMO set in the Ivalace version of the Final Fantasy series. Square-Enix went on to reveal that they will soon cease supporting the PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIV but that an upgrade to PS4 will be free of charge. 

October 16 - Rockstar games teased a new red dead Redemption related announcement. The tease comes in the form of a change made to the logo of the Rockstar official website, Twitter and Facebook accounts. The usually yellow logo was changed to a red and black design reminiscent of the Red Dead art style.

That about does it for this weeks news.

Do you guys think Sony will start selling PS VR branded barf bags?