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10/23/2016 - News This Way Comes...

Welcome!! To your weekly rundown of the week’s gaming news!!

October 20 - Nintendo finally revealed their next console. The new console will be called the Switch and, as rumored, will be a hybrid home and handheld console. More details on the console can be found on the Nintendo Blog

October 20 - After a week of teasing, Rockstar has released a trailer for Red Dead: Redemption 2.

October 20 -Sony, in partnership with ESL,  announced a new feature for the PS4, Tournaments. The feature will begin with an NBA 2K17 to celebrate the start of the basketball season.  The winners of the 1 v 1 tournament will be rewarded with various Playstation gear as prizes. Full details Can be Found on the Playstation Blog.

October 21 - Voice Actor members of the SAG/AFTRA unions went on strike against video game publishers. The strike follows nineteen months of unsuccessful negotiations which began when the previous labor contract between game publishers and SAG/AFTRA expired. More details on the strike can be found on the NPR website.

That about does it for this week’s news.

I wonder, if the Voice Actor’s strike is successful, will it lead to a decrease in games marketing? Because I don’t know about you guys but I could do without seeing that Gears 4 trailer a dozen times a day.