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11/3/2016 - News This Way Comes...

Welcome to your weekly rundown of gaming news!!

November 5 - The official Extra Life 24 hour gaming marathon was held raising over $6.6 million for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. The fundraising continues until the end of the year and you can donate to my campaign or pick another member of Something Wicked Studios to contribute to if you are feeling generous.

November 7 - Bioware finally revealed a new trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda

November 10 - Sony launched the Playstation 4 Pro. The $400 upgraded version of the console,designed for 4K gaming, has been showing some signs of uneven performance in some games. Games including Skyrim: Special Edition and Last of Us Remastered have been displaying lowered frame rates in certain parts of the games. For more details on the performance issues check out this Digital Foundry piece.

November 11 - Nintendo launched the NES Classic Edition console. The retro gaming console, which cost $60, quickly sold out at retailers and almost immediately turned up on Ebay for $200.

So $200 for 30 retro games and a couple controllers with two foot long cables?

Sounds fair.