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2/21/2016 - News This Way Comes

Kind of a slow news week, this one...

February 16 - A version of Street Fighter V was officially released, such as it was. As we reported recently, the cinematic story mode of Street Fighter V was delayed until June. Given widespread reports of poor online multiplayer performance the decision to release the game without the definitive solo player experience seems questionable. Hopefully the online aspects of the game will improve.

February 18 - The 19th annual DICE awards were held in Las Vegas by the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences.
Fallout 4 took home the honor of the Game of the Year award from the gaming industry’s most prestigious awards ceremony if not the most well known. A full list of the awards and winners can be found in this Press Release.

And that’s really about it. We’ve reached the post holiday doldrums at last.

Shame about Street Fighter, how far the mighty have fallen.