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4/17/2016 - News This Way Comes...

Welcome!! Just time for a quick rundown of this week’s gaming news.

April 11 - Respawn games revealed a new
teaser trailer for Titanfall 2. More news on the game will be announced at the EA Play fan event taking place in Los Angeles and London this June 12.

April 14 - Nintendo and Nickelodeon announced that the upcoming splatfest event in the multiplayer shooter Splatoon will be Spong Bob Squarepants themed. The event will begin April 23 and more details are available on the Nintendo Blog.

April 15 - Nintendo revealed that there will be a demo for the upcoming Starfox Zero. The demo will be tied to GameStop pre-orders of the game which will be available April 23. A full list of participating GameStop locations can be found on the Nintendo Blog.

April 15 - Activision announced two new Ghostbusters games, one for consoles and one for mobile, will be released this July alongside the new Ghostbusters movies.

Titanfall 2!! Wooo!! Mechs with Machetes!!