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4/24/2016 - News This Way Comes...

Greeting! Here's a quick rundown of this week's news...

April 18 - Gaming/wrestling website Giantbomb broke the news on the rumored upgraded Playstation 4. In addition to revealing the current project codename to be the NEO, they also revealed some of the upgraded system's specs, and while Playstation did not confirm any pricing for the new device, they have confirmed that the NEO is intended to be a "PS 4K." While it is not clear what the new hardware will mean for future games, Playstation has stated that no upcoming PS4 games will be allowed to be NEO exclusives.

April 22 - At a panel held at PAX East Gearbox software let slip the news that another Borderlands game is forthcoming. The game may or may not be titled Borderlands 3; more details can be found on GameSpot.

April 22 - Square-Enix announced the Chrono Trigger inspired I Am Setsuna. Apparently the game will be out by July. Way to keep a secret Square-Enix.

April 22 - In an interview with GameSpot, Capcom revealed that that Tekken X Street Fighter is no longer in in active development. Conflicting reports suggest that the game is completely cancelled while others claim that the game is just being delayed indefinitely.

So the next Playstation is called Neo and their VR headset was codenamed Morpheus. Does that make  the PS4 I bought at launch a Trinity or a Cypher?