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6/19/2016 - News This Way Comes...

We did it! We all survived another E3!

Now let’s sort out what happened.

Also, In the interest of brevity the links to trailers of all announced games will be listed at the end of the update.

June 12 - The unofficial first day of the show on which Electronic Arts and Bethesda held press conferences. EA officially revealed the previously leaked games of Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 but gave very little new information on the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda or the slate of  Star Wars games the company has in development. For their part, Bethesda announced new games Quake: World Champions, Prey,  and Dishonored 2 and also revealed updates to  Fallout 4 and The Elder Scrolls: Online

June 13 - The second day of press conferences with presentations from Microsoft, Ubisoft, and Sony. Microsoft revealed details on their new XBOX One Slim and XBOX Scorpio models. Ubisoft announced several new games most notably South Park: The Fractured Butthole. Sony’s partnership with Hideo Kojima’s Kojima productions finally bore fruit with the announcement of Death Stranding.

June 14 - The first official day of the show and the day of the E3 edition of the Nintendo Direct stream. Nintendo essentially streamed out a fairly large chunk of Zelda gameplay alongside some Pokemon Sun/Moon.

By most accounts the E3 show floor was much less full when compared to previous years with large portions of the convention center’s floor space given over to seating instead of booth space. But enough of that, the real news of the week wasn’t the corporate announcements about hardware or the slow decline of E3, it was the games.

Welcome to the trailer corral: