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7/18/2016 - News This Way Comes...

Hello and welcome to your weekly update on the news of gaming.

July 11 -  Activision announced a Call of Duty panel for San Diego Comic Con (SDCC). The panel will be hosted by Kinda Funny Games' own Greg Miller on Thursday July 21st in room 6BCF of the San Diego Convention Center.

July 12 - Blizzard revealed a new character for the wildly popular Hero shooter Overwatch.  The new character Ana Amari will be a support class sniper specializing in long range healing and damage over time attacks. An announcement video can be found on YouTube and a full descripion can be found

July 14 - Nintendo revealed a new console. No, it wasn’t the NX, it was a retro NES. The Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition is a miniature NES preloaded with 30 classic games. The retro console has an MSRP of $60 and will be available November 11.

July 15 - According to a report on Recode Google recently canceled development of a CR headset comparable to the HTC Vive and Oculus rift in favor of mobile based platforms.

That about does it for the news this week.

So who's going to get that retro NES? 

Only people who don't know that emulators exist.