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No Man's Sky Makes Me Want To Try Eve Again, and Eve Makes Me Have Hope For Star Citizen

There have been a ton of articles, videos, blog entries, and tweets made about the game No Man’s Sky. If you are familiar with our content over at our YouTube page, you probably already know that I am not exactly what you would call a fan of No Man’s Sky. From day one, I had suspicions that that game might not exactly live up to any of the hype surrounding it, and as release date approached nothing shown for the game did anything to make me believe in it. I am sure that for some, what No Man’s Sky delivered is enough of what they were hoping for that they can still enjoy the game, but as someone who has played that game, I think people who were excited for that game should generally be pissed.

For those who listen to the Wicked Awesome Cast, my unrequited love and fascination with the EVE community should be a familiar topic. EVE is a game that I have always been curious about and on multiple occasions have attempted to get into. Every few years I spend a few days toying around with the free trial EVE offers and every time walk away going “man, there is something there that I could really get into…” but ultimately wind up never really diving into because while I love the concept of EVE, the second to second gameplay is not action oriented enough for me. While I do not have the fondness for games like Freelancer that other members of the SWS Staff have, I have always love high sci-fi games that feature the idea of the depths of space. While it may seem like a weird comparison, games like Destiny, PlanetSide 2, and the Mass Effect franchise have always made me want a giant space game that let me fly through space just to engage in planet side combat and adventuring. Hell, when the EVE based FPS Dust 514 came out, I gave that game way too many chances simply because it was based in the EVE universe and the idea of space support via friends that played EVE while I soldiered it up on the game sounded cool as hell.

For those who have never played Dust 514, it was not a good game. As a FPS is was clunky and awkward, as an off-shoot of EVE it was too much like EVE to function well as an FPS, and as an arena-shooter/Battlefield open world FPS thing it was also pretty terrible. I personally had high hopes for Dust 514 since it was a more action oriented way for me to engage in the EVE community, which at the time was something I desperately wanted since a large percentage of my friends were really into EVE at the time of Dust 514's launch. In hindsight, I gave far too much time to Dust 514. Between it’s mediocre FPS gameplay and it’s unfortunate adherence to EVE’s permadeath gear systems, I am honestly surprised that I stayed with Dust 514 as long as I did.

Ultimately though, my desire for action based game similar to EVE in it’s scope of exploration has never wavered despite numerous games promising the universe and only delivering a fraction of it. Games like Destiny and Mass Effect while nowhere near the scale of games like EVE or No Man’s Sky, consistently kept my hopes for my dream game alive, which is what made my initial disdain for Star Citizen so surprising for me. Maybe it was because originally Star Citizen was pitched as just a space flight simulator, maybe it was because I was  fresh off being disappointed with Dust 514, and maybe it was because my cynicism with gaming was just kicking off but initially my reaction to Star Citizen was an unbelievably hard pass.

That all being said, Star Citizen has finally won me over enough to peak my interest. I know it’s incredibly ironic since the No Man’s Sky hype train was started by a few very impressive looking trailers, but the recent Star Citizen media from 2016’s Gamescom has me intrigued. Visually it’s an appealing mash-up of Mass Effect and EVE that shows off a mix of both on-foot action and plenty of in cockpit action. The variety of ship designs range from exactly what you would expect to some weird spikey ship that looks more like some hipster ass string instrument with engines strapped to it than a traditional fighter. Maybe I am finally shaking some of my gamer cynicism, but I want to be excited for this game all of a sudden. Hell, I went so far as to buy into the incredibly insane pre-order system the game has going on; a system that I have mercilessly mocked many others for buying into since “Star Citizen is NEVER coming out.”

So as this article’s name implies, I have had a bit of a change of heart. My experience with No Man’s Sky was a pretty simple loop that consisted of mining a giant ore deposits, getting mad at how little inventory space I had, leaving the planet in frustration, and then repeating the loop all over again. The entire time I was playing No Man’s Sky I wished there was some kind of way to automate the process, like you can in EVE. No Man’s Sky honestly made me miss the somewhat horrible mining segments from Mass Effect 2, so much so it made me appreciate the EVE’s ability to just pick a location and let the game run. As a result, I gave EVE yet another shot and once again found myself wishing the game was more action based, which led to me devouring every new piece of Star Citizen footage I could find. The game does not look perfect, and I would be a fool to not be skeptical given recent gaming events and how unreliable trailers can be, but it many ways that does not matter to me since No Man’s Sky is almost perfect tech demo that a game like Star Citizen might actually be possible. If a ten man team with comparatively limited funds can pull something like that off, maybe, just maybe the Star Citizen team can pull something incredible off.