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8/28/2016 - News This Way Comes...

Welcome to your weekly update on the news of gaming.

August 23 - Sony made two announcements on the Playstation Blog. First the Playstation Now game streaming service will be available on Windows PC. The release date for Playstation Now on PC was not revealed.

Second, Sony revealed a new wireless adapter for PC allowing the Dual Shock 4 controller to pair with PCs without the use of third party software. The adapter will also allow remote play of a PS4 on PC. The device will be available “early September” for $24.99.

August 24 - Respawn Entertainment, developers of Titanfall responded to player feedback on the recent technical test of Titanfall 2  with some changes to the version of the game in the second week of the test. Details on the test can be found here.

August 27 - Sony revealed that the price for their Playstation Plus service, which allows console owners access to online play, game discounts, and monthly free titles, will be raised from $49.99 to $59.99 for a yearly membership. Full details on the changes can be found on the Playstation Blog.  

That about does it for this week’s news.

Kind of a good news bad news week out of Sony...