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9/18/2016 - News This Way Comes...

Welcome to your weekly update of gaming industry news.

September 12 - We sort of called this one last week. Sony is making a gold DualShock 4 controller exclusively for GameStop. In addition to being painted the Trump family’s favorite color, this controller willall be an updated DualShock 4 featuring support for USB communication and a front facing lightbar.

September 12 - Respawn Entertainment announced a new mobile game drawing on the Titanfall universe. The New game, Titanfall Frontline, will be available on iOS, and Android devices and appears to take it’s gameplay inspiration from Hearthstone.

September 12 - Chris Metzen, VP of story and franchise development for Blizzard Entertainment announced his retirement via the Blizzard forums. Metzen had been with Blizzard for over twenty years and worked on virtually every game the studio produced in that time.

That about covers this week’s news.

I really thought we’d have to wait for the modding community for the goofy gold stuff. I thought Sony had some class.
Guess not...