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9/2016 - News This Way Comes...

As PAX West comes to a close here’s a rundown of the week’s gaming news...

August 30 - Sony revealed that Gran Turismo Sport will be delayed until 2017. The news came via the Playstation Blog.

August 31-  CCP, makers of Eve Online, announced plans to add a free-to-play mode to the long running Space MMO. Essentially the way the mode would work is that free-to-play characters would be limited in the types of skills they can level and therefore limited in what types of activities they can perform.

September 2 - Gearbox software revealed a twentieth anniversary edition of Duke Nukem 3D at their PAX West panel. The anniversary edition is coming to current gen consoles and PC and will include, among other things, new levels, new and re-recorded dialogue from Jon St. John, the original voice actor of Duke Nukem and a new score from the original game’s composer Lee Jackson.

So a Gran Turismo game got delayed. Next you’ll tell me the sun will rise tomorrow morning.