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3/26/2017 - News This Way Comes...

Welcome to your occasional rundown of the week’s, and sometimes a couple week's, gaming news!

March 17 - Sega released a trailer for the next 3D iteration in the Sonic franchise and announced the new game’s title, Sonic Forces. The trailer for Forces shows Sonic running through a city under attack from Dr. Robotnik esque robots, using an aerial spin-dash to climb vertical sections of the level. Sonic Forces will be available during this year’s Holiday season.

March 21 - Blizzard added a new hero, Orsia, to Overwatch. Orsia is a Tank hero with a bit of s support bent, similar to Zarya in concept. Her primary weapon is a gattling cannon which slows her movement speed when fired. Orsia’s skills include: Fortify which reduces damage taken and makes her immune to silence debuffs, Halt, a mini-version of Zarya’s black hole ult, Protective Barrier, a single direction version of Winston’s shield, and her ultimate, Super Charger, an area-of-effect buff to damage for herself and allies. Check out the trailer for the Orsia below.

March 23 - Good news for people heading to LA early for E3, EA announced some early details on their EA Play event.  Tickets for the Pre-3 event will be made available on April 20, 9:00am PST. The only games confirmed for the event so far are EA’s slate of sports games. With the opening of E3 to the public this year EA Play may be the best way to catch an early look at some big games.

March 26 - Blizzard announced the return of the original StarCraft with StarCraft Remastered. The remaster will upgraded graphics and HUD, increased language support, and modern online multiplayer support. StarCraft: Remastered is scheduled for release summer this year.


That about does it for the past few week’s news. In case you’re wondering we took a break for a really slow news week last week.

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