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4/2/2017 - News This Way Comes...

Welcome to your weekly rundown of the week’s gaming news. And what a week it was!

March 30 - Activision officially announced the release date for the brilliantly named Destiny 2 will be September 8. This trailer was preceded, by a trailer for the trailer, which was in turn preceded by a leak of Destiny 2's poster art. In fact, for the last year or so news and rumors about Destiny 2 leaked out on a fairly regular basis. Why, it’s almost as if it were someone’s job to build hype for Destiny 2 without doing the kind of full blown marketing push that might influence people to stop playing OG Destiny. Check out the new trailer for Destiny 2 below.

March 30 - Nintendo announced the U.S. Inkling Open, a Splatoon tournament with a grand prize of a trip to E3. Battlefy will be hosting the tournament which begins April 22. Participants must be 18 or older and, of course, own a WiiU and Splatoon. The prize for the winning team is a trip to Los Angeles for E3. Full tournament rules and team registration can be found here.

 Bye Felecia.

Bye Felecia.

March 30 - UploadVR was the first to report Palmer Luckey’s departure from Facebook and Oculus. Friday March 31 was Luckey’s last day at the VR company which he took from a Kickstarter campaign to an industry leading company which Facebook purchased for $2billion. Regardless of his business accomplishments, Luckey was dogged by a scandal involving a sizable donation to a fake news operation supporting Donald Trump in the 2016 election and the recent legal decision against Facebook in a copyright infringement case filed by Zenimax.  

 Pour one out for Mad Catz.

Pour one out for Mad Catz.

March 31 - Mad Catz filed for bankruptcy. After a long string of expensive failed projects, most recently, in 2015, supplying controllers for and co-publishing the poorly received Rock Band 4, the third-party controller and peripheral maker was forced to close its doors and begin liquidating assets. Mad Catz was founded in the 90s as a gaming peripheral manufacturer building high end mice and keyboards designed for gamers but will probably be best remembered for supplying the plastic instruments for countless Rock Band parties.

That about does it for this week’s news.

So now that Palmer Luckey is out of a job do you think somewhere a bunch of Microsoft’s Hololens engineers just got Palmer-proof locks installed on their doors?

Also, now that we know for sure Destiny 2 is coming to PC, does that mean we can all stop playing Overwatch?