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5/14/2017 - News This Way Comes...

Happy Mother’s Day Everybody! Time for an update of the week’s gaming news!

May 10 - According to sources of Kotaku, the Mass Effect series of games is now on ‘hiatus’ following the release of Mass Effect Andromeda in March of this year. While the game’s publisher, EA, voiced support for Andromeda and the Mass Effect series’ future prospects, some of the resources from Andromeda’s developer Bioware Montreal were transferred to EA Motive, currently developing Battlefront II. Mass Effect Andromeda has received a variety of patches and fixes since it's release aimed at fixing the games numerous problems ranging from facial animation to game breaking glitches. Based on the size of these post-release patches and various press-releases it seems that Andromeda post release has been both a financial and PR drain for EA. Given that Andromeda was widely criticized for falling short in the world-building department, maybe this is good?

May 11 -  Square-Enix announced that the publisher will divest itself of IO Interactive, makers of the Hitman series of games. The revelation came as part of a statement to investors in which Square reported a $42 million loss for the fiscal year ending in March 2017. The report also noted a sales increase of 20% for the year. Combined with the critical acclaim heaped on last year’s Hitman game, the sales figures do make the decision to potentially shut down IO somewhat surprising. Square did reveal that a potential sale of IO may be in negotiations but even if such negotiations were successful the future of the studio could still be unclear. Way to reward good work Square...

May 12 - Turn-based mech combat game Battletech got a publisher, Paradox Interactive, and a new trailer. The game, based on the long running tabletop strategy game, originally found funding via Kickstarter in November 2016. Until now, though Battletech developer, Harebrained Schemes, had yet to secure a publisher. Harebrained Schemes is probably best known for making Shadowrun Reborn, another re-imagining of a tabletop classic, while Paradox is remembered for grand strategy games like Crusder Kings II  and Stellaris. I’m on board for this game so long as I can recreate the battle of Masamori of 3056... Just a little Battltech Novelization deep cut for you kids out there.

Hey, what’s happening over on the SWS Youtube?

Also, if you are curious what the original release of Mass Effect Andromeda was like: