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Wicked Awesome Cast #14: Toys To Death

The tale of gaming peripherals is an old one, so old one might say that the original gaming consoles were actually just TV peripherals. In the last decade, gaming has witnessed the somewhat surprising rise of the "toys to life" gaming trend. While the idea of buying an theoretically unending number of plastic toys to remain current with a game may have baffled some, it has become an undeniable success, so much so that three major and fairly different iterations on the idea managed to climb to the top of the gaming world. For a while, Charley has wondered what would mark the end of the "toys to life" craze and with Disney's recent closure, we decided we would spend some time talking about a topic that somewhat baffles both Jeff and Charley. They also talk about Uncharted 4, Warframe, League of Legends, Jeff irish step dancing in a Boston night club, how Charley oddly likes zoos, and establish the "pile" system as a form of measurement.